• Sales

• Purchase Orders

• Suppliers

• Inventory

• Reports

• Bookkeeping

• Backup & Restore

• Easy Setup

• Built for Speed

• Access to any document by multiple users at once

• Up to 20 connected users

Small business accounting software for desktop, mobile, and cloud, for Mac. For a complete end-to-end business solution, Checkout integrates with AccountEdge. Checkout supports current versions of AccountEdge Pro and Basic.

Meet Checkout.

The powerful, easy and affordable point of sale software for the Mac.

Run your retail store more efficiently with Checkout, starting at $599.

Sell Fast or Take It Easy

Selling is easier with a POS system that is simple and intuitive.

Payments & Receipts

Record cash, credit card and other payments with the tip of your finger.

History & Notes

Ever wished you could figure out exactly what happened when? Every document in Checkout offers access to a handy History and Notes interface.

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