Hard drive failures happen. If you suspect your drive is failing, or has failed, we can help.

We offer full clean room data recovery service. This means we can safely retrieve your data. You get a free quote, don't pay unless data is recovered.

When a logical data recovery is possible, this can be done for a flat rate of $199 for successful recoveries.

Have you lost access to personal or confidential data? Through a special agreement with DriveSavers, Core Computers can provide you with a fast, reliable and secure solution to your data loss problem at a special discounted price.

DriveSavers Data Recovery Inc,. The worldwide leader in professional data recovery service, has been recovering data and peace of mind since 1985. All leading storage devices manufactures           recommend DriveSavers - Drive Saver's work will not void the original warranty on your data storage device. Including Apple's limited warranty and AppleCare.

Come in to our office for one on one advice and support. Available for personal data on your home computer, or client and financial information for a work computer. What ever the issue, we have a solution.

Click the banner in the upper right for additional info and discounts from DriveSavers.

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