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Is your Mac sick? We can help.

Repair any failures - start up issue, no power, unexpected shut down, or liquid damage*

Tune Up - rebuild & optimize system files. virus / threat / adware removal

Upgrades - bigger hard drive capacity, faster SSD, RAM upgrade & software installation

Data Recovery - retreive important data (pictures & documetns)

If your computer has suffered a liquid damage, it has likely turned off by itself. If it did, do not attempt to turn in on again. If it has not, hold the power button (up to 10 seconds) to force it to shut down and leave it off. Bring it in as soon as possible for proper cleaning. Every attempt to turn it on again before being properly cleaned will reduce its changes of survival without replaceing part(s)

This process includes a complete hardware cleaning and hardware diagnostics. In most cases, this is all the computer needs to function properly again. If it does not, We will provide a quote to repair the computer. Cost of the cleaning is $149. Due to the nature of the failure, we can not guarantee the cleaning will be successfull, and may need further service. However, this is the most offortable way to help get your computer back on its feet.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to call, e-mail, or come in.

*Liquid Damage | Failure

MacBook Pro Repair Extension

Program for Video Issues

15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina models

manufactured from Mid 2012 to Early 2013

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